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Mobile Frontdesk APP + Mobile Housekeeping APP + Mobile PMS
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Single sign on account to manage multi hotels

aqHolder can help you to manage your own hotels. The functions include room stock, booking, payment and member management.

Customize booking engine and web page

aqHolder provide customize booking engine and web page. The web page can be embedded into hotel website, blog, weibo and facebook.

Various online payment methods can be chosen

aqHolder provides various online payment methods such as credit cards, ATMs, and Paypal. The payment methods can be integrated on the aqHolder. The payment is transferred to the hotel bank account.

Online and offline payment can be flexible adopted

aqHolder provide booking online payment and back platform offline generate ATMs account and barcode payments. These payment methods provide customer flexible payment choices.

SSL certification and hash encryption for data storage

aqHolder adopts 256 bits SSL connection verification and Hash data storage to ensure data transfer and storage security.

Room stock real-time sync management

Room can be sale on aqHolder booking engine and various OTAs, but the stock number of the rooms can be sync management with aqHolder.

Multiple real-time interaction methods with customers

aqHolder provide real-time online message, SMS and email as communication media. Hotel and customer can keep communicating anytime, anywhere, and any device.

Smart phone mobile management APPs

aqHolder provide a series APPs. The APPs include frontdesk, housekeeping, room sales and booking, and monitoring. The hotel manager can monitor hotel marketing and operation status at anytime and anywhere.

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Solution Choices

Solution 1:Booking Engine

NOW!! Free to JOIN-Dedicated Booking Engine and Website

aqHolder provides dedicated booking engine and website, the website can be embedded into hotel website, blog, weibo or facebook.
Single sign on can manage room stocks and booking order of the multi hotels.
The functions of the booking engine include dedicated booking website, room price setting, room type management, hotel management, booking order management, online payment, and SMS or email notifications.

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