Express and self-service solution for hospitality industry

Sunshine Technology R&D Co., Ltd. is good at express and self-service hotel solutions and cloud and Internet of things (IoTs) integration, which includes express check-in/out, self luggage storage based on IoT techniques and cloud computing platform, Sunshine offers comprehensive intellectualized services for different types of hoteliers.

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Express check-in and check-out solution

Through the simple touch screen, we provide service like, express check-in, ID scanning (OCR), guests facial capture and dispense/retrieve room cards. Hence help the manager process check-in register and visitor management work more effectively. This solution can apply to five stars hotels, tourism hostel, SMEs, fashion commercial hotel, youth hostels, backpackers’ hostels and B&Bs…etc.

Automated Reception Machine for express check-in and check-out

Check-in/out, payment all done by guests themselves
Build a complete automated reception counter

Automated luggage storage

Provides safe autonomy luggage storage service
Savings excessive cost

Professional consulting service

We have professional consulting group, which can help you with your
problems and offer certified suggestions.

Customized Integration service

Customized hotel solution and Integration
fill your needs hence level up service Competitiveness.

Marketing and operation management solution for smart hotel service and system

You can buy one complete smart hotel solution, which fill your every needs providing corporation model that benefits everyone. Hotel owners can have high efficient innovative management model, hotel property owners can make a profit from property rental. Last but not least, guests can then have a staying experience that promotes express, autonomy, convenient and high privacy.


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The first intelligent and automation IoT-enabled smart and express hotel in Taiwan, also the robotic arm helps you with your luggage.

  “Smart and express hotel”, seems like something that only appeared in foreign countries, but actually, you don’t have to go abroad to experience that, Taiwan has one now!

  Chase hotel which is located in Taichung, feng chia, aims at a full automated operation of running a hotel. After trial operation for six months, Chase has opened up for business officially. From luggage storage to check-in/out, guests do not have to contact any of the hotel staffs, the guests need to do it all by themselves on the kiosk. Not only does this hotel implanted IoT concept, but also the automated luggage storage robot really showers guests with a noble experience.

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